Do Not Have To Compete

I do not have to compete for your love. You have made me valuable as I am and you are faithful. How many times had I felt insecure in the past when I had a straying lover, making me feel I had to be better than who I am? I am grateful for the lessons that you have given me Lord that in you, there is not competition. No other lover is going to take away my standing with you, and no matter how haughty a cat may be who shows up and thinks they are going to take the show, there is no need for me to be greedy. Another can have the lime light, it does not threaten my standing with you. If I have a lover who chooses someone better, I still have no room to fear, because in you there is no need to compete. I am no less valuable to you. You still love me the same. When we understand that there is no competition for our place in the kingdom of God, then we can allow another person’s light to shine. It is between that person and the Lord their own heart attitude in his kingdom, as for me I trust the ultimate judge who is more than able to discern the difference between right and wrong. I have experienced many a friendship that turned into a competition in which they tried to outshine me. It is unfortunate that a friend would do that to another but I still stand secure, there is no need to compete before the perfect judge who still loves me perfectly no matter what. I don’t know how many times I have preferred to be a lone ranger so that I didn’t have to deal with people trying to compete with me and snuff out my light so that theirs could shine brighter. At times a person’s light will shine brighter, and they will have greater honor. May I still stand secure knowing that your love Lord is all that matters. Let me respond in love and not be subject to the fiery darts that Satan wants to throw in such an advantage point. May I always trust you Lord Jesus my firm rock. If I error may I be corrected. If I need to do better than let me learn. Keep me secure in your love is all that really matters for I will trust that in due time you will honor each of us according to what you see is right. You will not let your loved one see decay or deliver him to the grave. You are a defender of the weak and uphold the case of the fatherless. You will not let your loved ones be put to shame.

I feel the need to go deeper even still and discuss you as a lover. You are such a good and faithful lover. You will not allow others to speak deceit and put down your lover. You do not involve yourself in evil talk about your little ones and will punish and correct those who speak ill against them. You will defend your little ones and protect them from the powers that would rise up against them. We will not be put to shame. You are the good Samaritan who stood up for the beggar who was left abandoned and mocked on the side of the road. The poor men who had no shame and called out to you because they were in need, you ignored the righteous man near you and you came to them and helped them with their needs. You say, “whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me”. You say, “I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink”.. oooh you love the underdog. You protect the lowliest person and you uphold their cause. Let us who think we are better repent so that we can be like you. Let us stoop down off our pedestal as the king of the world came to serve and not be served. This is the type of Lord that we serve, the one that would give a drink of water to a beggar while the rest of the world will say, “stay away from them, they just want to buy boos, they deserve their lot in life, they are just lazy and need a job”, you say, “away from me I never knew you” to the wicked who ignore the fatherless and the lost. You care about the fatherless I thank you for this. Thank you for the poor in the world are really the rich in the kingdom of God, and the foolish things of the world confound the wise. Let us never forget who you are and the lessons you have to teach us. Let us become lowly so not to offend you and have the wisdom to walk in true love always. Amen.