Worry Not

Satan wants us to worry. I don’t know about you, but I always have something to worry about. I realize that even if I received relief in that “one thing” that I think I need so badly, then I would just move on to worry about something else. We are not meant to live from worry to worry, but rather we are meant to live from glory to glory. There is a difference amen. Living a peaceful life does not necessarily meaning living a stress free life. Rather, abiding in peace is a matter of two things, well more than two things but I want to list these two things, and that is #1. Choice and #2. Trust. I choose to let peace dwell in my heart. It is a choice. If we are told to “let peace dwell in your hearts” Colossians 3:15, then this means that somewhere in us or around us peace is knocking and trying to enter the room of your mind, however you have chosen not to let it in. You are told to let it come in. This is hard to fathom when problem after problem after problem, after problem keeps coming to hang out. You have to finally just ignore “problem” who is sitting in front of you, tell you what you should be doing but are unable to accomplish for whatever reason, look past him and look instead at peace who is back behind him waving at you. Let him come in. So, how do you let him to come in? You ignore the problem and it WILL go away, eventually. Sometimes it will become obnoxious and jump up and down and do something drastic to get you to pay attention to him, however just keep ignoring him (I’m not talking about being lazy here, don’t think this is to give you permission to not do the work God has called you too, but that is a different matter) and look at peace. We have to focus our minds on things above, on the good report, on faith, on hope, on positive imaginations. Sometimes we just have to pray it away, or pray about someone else and just forget about worry.

If you are told a jillion times to not worry in the bible, then ask yourself “am I being obedient”, yes this is where you can see it as having permission to just be at peace, as once again we are told to “let” peace dwell in our hearts. What happens when you do so? You begin to get strong again and have increased faith. To make a stronger blog short I will move on to the second thing, and that is trust in God. Only my trust in God makes it possible to truly trust and have peace. Today I visualized a large, solid, warm rock that I was sitting on and that rock was Christ. This rock I understood would never become so small I cant sit on it as the Lord said that he does not change, he is not like man who is a rock and promises to be a rock but then end up becoming a slimy, slippery or disappearing rock. Rather, he is the solid rock amen. I had to really focus on this imagination, because if our rock that we sat on suddenly became slick, too smooth for us to sit firmly on, and began shrinking then that would not be a solid rock at all, but a joke in which we are made the fool. That rock is a solid, firm unchanging rock and it will not be taken from us. This is what Jesus told Mary when Martha, her sister was busy worrying about making her guests comfortable and on many other lifeless tasks. In her mind these tasks were much more important then sitting at Jesus feet learning his lessons. As a matter of face not only was Martha told that she is choosing the lifeless task but he also said that this would NOT be taken from Mary. So as we sit on our solid rock we can rest assured that this will be the only thing that is guarenteed to not move, but rather it is our perception that makes us believe it moves, but it does not per the word of truth which says he does not change. Also, we might leave the rock to chase after a helium balloon that is always just out of our reach. Our rock is still sure, solid and firm, we had just left it. We do this when we chase tasks as Martha will always tell herself that she will sit at Jesus feet when her tasks are done, however Satan will ensure that her tasks will never end. Just like the day that Cinderella was promised by her wicked step mother that as soon as she finished her tasks, she could go to the ball. Yet her list of tasks were impossible. Finally, we rest because we realize that only God can change a person or our situation. He gives, and he takes away. When we get a deep revelation that only he is in control truly, then we will relinquish the control. Amen.