Put away the former things

Last year I had been set free from many fears, and also many toxic people. The Lord had given me a word from psalm 34:19 promising me that he would deliver me from all that troubled me. Then I saw a vision of him coming to me as a consuming fire and when he came upon me it was almost too much to bear, to be so close to his holy anger, but it was due to having a revelation of his love that I could endure. I also knew that his consuming fire would burn away all that caused me pain. I knew that anyone who caused me problems would regret it. This work that he began with me began from within me. God had began giving me revelations of how he saw my deepest thoughts and feelings and that those very things were what he cared about. I began to understand this past year how much God genuinely cares about us. This is where faith comes from. This is what Jesus spoke of when he told us not to be afraid or anxious about anything and then he spoke about the birds in the air and the lillies in the field, how neither of those creations strive for anything yet God still cares for them. This is the understanding that Jesus had when he touched people and they got healed. This was the love for people that he had when he died for them and forgave them. So I also experienced much rejection this past year from even spirit filled friends who even though were anointed and favored, also had their flaws. God showed me that again those who know him also stumble and fail. He removed everyone from my life who was unhealthy for me, whether they were gossiping about me or they were discouraging to me in some shape or form. I had identify with the scripture that said that God can make the rocks praise him, well he can also bring up the right friends from those rocks. The most impactful lesson I learned was to sit at Jesus feet and not rely on opinions of someone else, or on projects or anything else other than the words from his mouth to feed me. I was so weighed down by the words, thoughts, and opinions of other people that it was not making God happy. Even well meaning people, and he led me to just unfriend many and at the moment it was a little scary but later I felt the relief and understood even more why it was necessary. I learned about soul ties and how soul ties with anything or anybody outside the Lord’s guidance can truly weigh on the soul. I had an unhealthy relationship with a Christian man who looked good on paper in some ways but who was hurting me with his head games and it was poison for me. I finally let him go. Then I met my soul mate. We are courting and I am so happy to have met the man who God intended for me to be with. Yesterday as I prayed to the Lord about recent mistakes I had made he spoke to me and said, forget the former things. Forget the past mistakes you make. Forget the past ways of thinking and being and believing. Sometimes we are not called to figure out or fix but to let go and embrace God’s newness of life and his great mercy. Amen he has great things in store for me. I also submitted my first book for publishing and I was supposed to have my first copies by now. I expected them in November but I still don’t have them yet. I suppose I wasn’t meant to publish it until this year. I’m working on my second book as well.

Opposition vs His Perfect Love

You know when we experience the Lord’s sweet grace and calm, it is pleasant however sometimes it only lasts for a moment. Why? Because we live in a fallen world that really is over ran by the kingdom of darkness and there is no way the adversary is going to allow you a moments peace if he can help it. So God allows him to come, why? Because the testing of our faith develops perseverance. Today’s theme is pressing in and trusting God. When we learn the sound of his voice, then we should take it a step further, and we should and submit. In the past I’ve been confused about the sound of his voice, is this because I’m not his? No, it is because there has been a bully voice that is loud and very similar to his, but the spirit is different booming in the background trying to get me to follow it instead. What had made me vulnerable to this other voice is a lack of confidence in God’s good will toward me. Satan’s voice is laced with temptation to not do God’s expressed will to us, and it is also laced with spiritual things that confuse us like anger. Anger is a very common distraction he has used on me in the past. If he wants to steal some joy from a believer, then all he has to do is come to them in the form of a human being whether it is our spouse, friend, enemy, family or co-worker and they’ll be guided by him with agitation and do something to you that is not fair and stirs up anger. Another tactic he’ll use and which has been very effective in my life to throw me off rails is to condemn, judge, accuse and scare you. He will whisper lies into your ear saying “God is not happy with you, You are going to suffer shame and embarrassment, you are going to fail, God has abandoned you, ” and he’ll even try to misuse scripture. Man when I first began walking in the spirit years ago, Satan would come along and tell me a contrary story. So I was confused because I was not only holy spirit lead, but I also had other spirits trying to lead me too. I imagine this might be common prophets because they are extra sensitive to the spiritual realm. This made little sense to me because I followed the spirit whole heartedly. I eventually started to distrust and doubt myself. Even up until this past year have I been confused, because the enemy presents himself as an Angel of light and he sounds so much like the real deal. I didn’t understand how I could hear God’s voice so clearly, yet at times the voice was something that lead me to confusion and fear. I thought “well, maybe I have a spirit of divination” and that thought scared me a lot too, no believing prophet wants to have a demon of divination. Yet God’s anointing was still there, he still spoke to me. Asking beginning to ask other prophets about this experience have I begun to understand that what God is really trying to teach me is discernment, but his way of doing it the way he’s been doing it is so that I can get to know Satan’s voice really really well. It is still a training in progress. God has had to teach me about his character and his good will towards us. When the Lord corrects, it is often gentle and it might provoke some serious remorse, it could be stern however it will leave you seeing clearly what you’ve done wrong and you will know how you can fix it. When our loving father corrects us, there will still be a sense of peace about it. Jesus said, “come to me all you who are burdened and I will give you rest, for my yoke is easy, my burden is light”, he said “take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart”, so if you see it you will see that part of entering into peace is learning of Jesus, learning his character and learning about his heart. First John also tells us that perfect love casts out all fear, and those who fear have not been made perfect in love. We have not because we ask not, well what do we ask for? Are we asking for stuff that he already knows we need and he’s already instructed us to not worry about? Or are we using our requests to ask him to teach us more about him and ask him how much we please him and to show us how much he really loves us? Because verse after verse after verse teaches us the secrets to have peace and success, and number one is to ask for revelation knowledge about how high and deep and wide is his love for us. At some point in our Christian walk we stop being spoon fed. This is because he has already taught us at some point in time what we need to do, and this is so we will draw close to him and press in until we hear him on a matter because he does not want us to try to do anything by ourselves. Apart from him we can do nothing. That is my lesson today, a reminder to press into him, pray and seek his face about every little thing. And when I hear his voice, I will follow. That is my plan. Amen.