Who Am I?

Satan had tried to confuse me from the beginning of my life about my worth through implanting the belief that I was not worthy. Now with the Lord’s wisdom I see these lies and am dispelling them one by one. How can we know we are worthy while feeling unworthy? When your very deepest voice tells you that you are never as good as anyone else, then you might believe you are not ever as good as anyone else, therefore you are not worthy of love, of promotion, of blessings, and you then become desperate for some measure of grace and seek to earn approval or rely on all sorts of ineffective coping strategies to gain that sense of self-worth, but the fight is conquered not from without, but from within us. We observe that small voice telling us we are not good enough, and then we start disregarding it. No, we cannot argue with it, because arguing with it means it has some sort of influence, instead we just ignore the voice deep within that tells us we are not good enough. If God paid the price of letting his only dearly loved son die in anguish and suffer torment for us, then we are worthy of the greatest love, because Jesus died for us and no king on earth will ever be more worthy of a crown or riches or praise then Jesus Christ. So we fight to feel valued, we fight people who do not make us feel valued, we over achieve or underachieve but there is only one thing that we need to win this battle, and it is to know who you are. I am worthy of love, I am worthy of respect, and even if someone does not respect me then it is because of their flaw, not mine because I AM indeed worthy. I personally resort to down grading comparison meaning rather than having the common issue of resorting to boastful comparison, I instead see the good in people and feel bad about myself because in my eyes I see everyone else as worthy but have neglected to see myself as such. Every person has value even if we are not all just alike. I am gentle, I am caring, I am humble, I see the value of everyone. I am blessed. I am reflective, I am kind, I am wise with the insight that God gives me. I am cute, I am shy, I am innocent, I am curvy, I am imperfect yet perfectly imperfect. I don’t know everything but I am smart enough to understand that I do not have to know everything. I am God’s, I am saved, I am adopted into the kingdom of Light, I am a child of God, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, I am loved. Thank you God for making me someone.

Author: sweetgentlespirit

Through life's challenges I have learned that Jesus really is the only one who can truly satisfy. Through his grace I have already achieved so much, and wish to include you all in my journey as I continue to press on towards the mark to which I was called. I hope that you can identify and share in my successes and even my failures. It is also my hope that you will see what a day in the life of a spirit filled believer looks like up close and personal. May you be blessed as I am blessed, and may you share in my anointed grace. God bless you as you read.

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