Hunger for Knowledge

Genesis 3:1-6

Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made.

He said to the woman, “Did God actually say, ‘You[a] shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden, but God said, ‘You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.’” But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise,[b] she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.

There was a reason that God did not want for Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. Why do we think this is? Satan gave Eve a reason why. According to him, God didn’t want them to be as smart as him. We still are being told this, and we tend to believe this on a subconscious level. We hunger for more knowledge about our future, what others think about us, why things happen the way that they happen. We erroneously feel like knowledge is the key to becoming greater and getting ahead. We might seek more knowledge by going to prophets, tarot card readers, fortune tellers, teachers, counselors, books. The pursuit of knowledge is not harmful in that it can be beneficial to have knowledge. The problem with the pursuit of knowledge is that it tends to attempt to supersede God’s place in our life. It is as if attaining knowledge was Eve’s attempt to become like God. In essence, Eve and Adam chose to seek the knowledge because they didn’t trust God, and they were acting like Satan in trying to establish a throne above God. At least a throne that was equal to God. So knowledge they received, however they made knowledge their replacement to having God in their life. Instead of yielding to God’s control and trusting him to be God, who after all is the creator that created them, they instead relied on knowledge which drove them to the wasteland. Knowledge is the enemy here. If knowledge were not the enemy, then Satan would not talked Eve into pursuing it. Satan showed God that his creatures who were made to be like him, were more like the serpent instead. He was rubbing God’s nose in it saying, God, even those you created would rather have knowledge then to serve you. Knowledge is not what we need after all. What we really need is God’s Lordship. We instead need him to provide for us, and walk naked and unashamed as the creator of the world cares for us. It is too late for us now in that we have been given knowledge, however it is not too late to yield our will to the creator in heaven and trust that he knows enough for the both of us. We don’t have to know. We simply have to trust and obey.

Thank You

Thank you heavenly father for making me stronger and for the people who you’ve led to pray for me. I have wants but you know what I need. Your eyes are on the sparrow so why not on me. I know with all my heart that you care, I just react like a small child when I don’t get what I want . You are for me so I’m not aftaid. Thank you for watching over my kods and I and for being faithful to supply our needs. Thank you for leading me and teaching me about the healthy way to be. Amen. I feel safe Lord under the shelter of your heavenly wings. You are for me, not against me

Peace Out Of This World

Lord, you are the true source of my peace. I get caught up in cares of this life just as any person, however you give me grace and you say to me by your spirit that everything will be ok. I may not be where I want to be, but who I am trying to improve for anyways? Those you have called you justify, those you justify you also glorify. If you tell me something is ok, then I believe that it is ok. I am learning so much about trusting you. If it were not for your perfect love, none of us would have hope. If not for your loving grace none of us would overcome or succeed. Thank you for caring people father and for good friends. Thank you for always being with me so that I do not feel alone. Thank you for the children that you have given me. Thank you for choosing me and anointing me so that I have the blessing of sharing your word. Please use me more, please help me love you more. Please simplify my life, weed out what is not of you, help me be patient and have compassion. Help me fulfill my purpose in this life and with every person who you have given me stewardship over. Help me love you more, I feel to keep saying this. I want you to be always on the forefront of my mind. Lord, I love you. Thank you for your grace and for teaching me that I am not able to accomplish anything in my own strength. Please keep teaching me what it means to wait on you. Please give me bread to eat, lead me on paths of righteousness, show me your plans for me I know that you prepare a table before me in the presence of friend and foe. Thank you so much for loving me. Amen.

True Love

The right kind of love to receive is acceptance and understanding. Patience and consideration. It is a celebration of who you are and what you are about. It is respect. It is a desire for your happiness.

Do we extend this love ourselves? Receiving true love should start with loving ourselves. I struggle to accept my humaness yet God does. Am I better than my Savior? If God cares about something he will correct it. If God is for me then why am I against me? We cannot truly love or forgive others if we cannot extend this to ourselves. Thank you Lord for teaching me about true love.


When I say simplify I mean to stop worrying about the things I cannot control. I want, I wish, I strive, I get frustrated. When we have God, then why would we fear? Often im afraid because I don’t have all the answers. I don’t have to have all the answers, I need to simplify. What is important right now? What has God provided right now? What is my need right now? Sometimes my problem is a lack of forgiving myself. I let go because I know you are in control. I am not. I have to wait on you.. hmm now im getting what this means. It means slow down, simplify, trust God , trust that whatever direction I take God is directing my steps.


I feel sad, I feel afraid. I feel rejected, i feel insecure. I have had imaginations all day of fearful things. I’m also reminded of past hurts. I do not trust and I have reasons for this . This is an old record in my collection of old records that has selected itself and jumped up on the record player. Lord deliver me from this battle that has waged war against me. I confess I cannot do this without you. I need you to do this battle for me. Ive picked up my sword in the past and I already am aware of how I will get entangled trying to overcome it in my own power. I need to be changed and I cannot do it myself. I need you Lord Jesus this time i lay my weapon down at your feet and im on my knees. Lord I need you. Come to my rescue my king. You are my shephard I shall not be in want. You know what I need. Amen you’ve already answered me my king and my deliverer you are mighty on your throne. I praise you for your love is matchless and always enduring. You are sweet. I am new. You have made me new. Hallelujah Satan you are defeated.


Im tired of the old way of being and thinking . Im just tired of it. Im agitated with myself. Im agitated with the ways I feel. When we feel feelings that defeat us, it is not God. The flesh needs to be reminded that it is dead. We cannot do this without God’s help. When we get saved then we already have what we need, which is the presence of the holy spirit. Abide in him, dwell where he dwells. Believe what he says. Hate the flesh unto death. Sometimes we won’t allow the flesh to die when we buy into the lies that what it desires is we actually want and need. The thing about the flesh is that it has an insatiable appetite. Only Jesus gives us water that quenches our thirst once and for all. Lord I ask for what you have to give. I do not want what my flesh wants aside from your provision. I only need your provisions. Lord please I need more grace and more truth im ready to be new and whole. And they all said “not my will but thy will be done” please grant me peace and let me dwell there forever. God you are so perfect. I trust your plan.

For The Good

We may not always understand life’s lessons. Sometimes what God allows us to go through makes no sense to our natural understanding. But as we trust that his ways are perfect and that we are in the center of his will no matter what our life circumstances then it can be easier for us to just seek righteousness no matter what. When we have passed the test of life we will receive our reward. When we submit to God through life’s trials it serves as a boot camp in which we receive hard core training to succeed in the oncoming stage that is unforseen.


The Lord told me early in my journey to seeking him first that many people would present themselves who were not sent by him, but rather they are counterfeits to the ones he would truly send me. Yet my heart has a habbit of getting tied into and distracted by counterfeits. An illusion is the best way I know how to describe this. An illusion has an appearance of being real, but it is not. What happens is befoew I before consumed by the illusion God intervenes, but I don’t realize it is him at first, because the illusion slips from my grasp. Why does this happen? This happens because God is protecting me. When God says no, or we try to force something and force something we should take heed… Sometimes our greatest disspointments end up being our best treasures. When my relationship fell apart with my ex-fiance, I was shattered. Everything I built my life on and believed to be true turned out to only be an illusion and I placed my trust in something that was not God’s plan for my life. Actually, he just took what was meant for harm and used it to work his good. Because this is what he does. I still believe in his promises I still look forward to their fulfillment with great expectations. I pray that by God’s grace I will always continue to not only say “not my will but thy will be done” and practice it. Help me always keep my eyes on your mark and limit my distractability. Thank you father. Amen.