Learning The Hard Way

A lot of change has taken place in these last couple of days. That seems to be the theme of my life. However thanks to my heavenly father’s grace I have finally resigned myself to not enter into fear. Like he says, what good does it do? And I know that one way or another he will provide, he always does.. even if the provision is only a hard earned lesson. When you always go through tough times looking up you begin to appreciate the many lessons life gives you. Today is a good day. Faithful to his word he has followed through and provided in an unexpected way, all the while my heart has been guarded in perfect peace. You know I have been sensing so much disturbance in the supernatural there is a huge uprising now Satans army is really stirred like a hornets nest, be ready for… good things my soul takes joy because greater is he that is in his children then he that is in the world. When his children put their sight on things above and not on earthly things then although their world gets shaken.. they not shaken because firm is my rock he is a firm and sure foundation. Today the girls and I went to a book store because my daughter had a gift certificate there and like her mom she shares a love for reading and writing. Tonight for a fun family activity we did some impromptu writing. We asked my son to give us 5 random words and my daughters and I had 30 minutes to write a story using these random words and the kacia my youngest of the older girls judged our stories on the funniest and most creative. I of course won all the contests but I am so proud of my girls and how all our stories held similarities but also unique differences. Each one of my girls are beautiful, creative , and uniquely special I am so proud of them and I know God has a plan for each one of them. I see how they also have their own thorn in the flesh that gives them discomfort and i pray for them and want to take it away. I also remember when that thorn doesnt go away so easily that God has a bigger purpose for it. You know God gives each a challenge to make us have certain characteristics. It is unfortunate that pressure causes growth. If we believed God always and were perfect and understood him enough that we just simply obeyed him and walked in his spirit then you could count on that he would save so much grief. Don’t we say the same of our own children? That if they just tuned their ears to our instructions then they would live long happy prosperous lives? But it rarely works thay way.. we still must just learn some lessons the hard way… and just as we have to let your children grow that way God has to do the same with us because we are stubborn and rebellious. It takes learning wisdom to practice wisdom though. I am so grateful that God knows what he is doing. Thank you our loving perfect father.

Author: sweetgentlespirit

Through life's challenges I have learned that Jesus really is the only one who can truly satisfy. Through his grace I have already achieved so much, and wish to include you all in my journey as I continue to press on towards the mark to which I was called. I hope that you can identify and share in my successes and even my failures. It is also my hope that you will see what a day in the life of a spirit filled believer looks like up close and personal. May you be blessed as I am blessed, and may you share in my anointed grace. God bless you as you read.

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