God Alone

I’ve had so many times in my life when ive felt alone. When I was a child, when I was a teen during the moments i wasnt plotting with a friend, during my adult years when I was married but yet couldn’t connect, and when i was single because of the void. Basically my entire life ive had many moments of being alone. Now, as I reflect on relationships and friendships I realize that there is a need to human interaction, however considering that most everyone else is as confused about life as you are, you cannot put your confidence in man. Sure be friends, companions, or whatever is good in the sight of God, but don’t mistake that this person is just as alone as you are. Since ive recommited my life to God, ive learned with his grace that we are truly never alone. When you get this then it changes things for you. Longer will you need to be someone you aren’t, or be in a dead end relationship just so you wont have to feel alone. If you are looking to someone else to make you feel not lonely, then you are lonely already whether you have another or not. Loneliness isnt a state of being around people or not.. its being satisfied with the quiet. Its being able to be still and not feel desparate if your phone isn’t ringing. Those are only distractions.. and now that ive given my life to God I see not having the distractions as a blessing at times because this means im able tl fulfill his will. Jesus, because of your grace im able to be alone now, and not feel bad when im alone because you love me so much more than anyone else in my life ever has and i owe you my all.. please let me spread your truth for the world to see how satisfying you are. Because when we seek you as our main source of satisfaction you are faithful and you satisfy me so much. Nothing tastes better, no human can do better.. its all about you now God. Amen receive your glory.

You are worthy


He Cares

You know those private thoughts you have, that you yourself are not even aware of? God sees. He knows. It is true that when Jesus said “my father in heaven knows you need them”, he meant it. Think about it. I myself forget how much God is aware of me. Just now I was having a thought about something carnal I was missing, and the holy spirit spoke to my heart and said to me “this is an opportunity for you to do this instead”. Ok, so if you are wondering I’ll explain. I have been feeling “dealt with” about drinking less coffee and more water for awhile now. Well, I have been ‚Ķ more obedient not 100 lol. My goal is to only drink one cup a day… sometimes I have had 2-3… actually that’s not the whole truth…. Sometimes I only drink one cup lol… most time I drink 2-3 cups. Well, my coffee pot broke a couple days ago ūüė¶ yes.. this is what I was thinking about, how much I’m missing my caffeine. And then as I was having this thought having grief about it and not even knowing I was thinking this way, the holy spirit spoke up and said “this is an opportunity to drink that water I’ve been telling you to drink” lol… oh, ok you were listening God? hahahaha….. I didn’t even realize I was thinking about this until his voice entered my consciousness. Let’s thank God that he cares enough to allow things like dropping food in our laps when we’ve had enough, or spilling coffee on ourselves (which I did tonight at my friend’s house, their coffee pot works), or a broken coffee pot. Yes God, you care about what I drink.. as little as this issue is apparently you care enough. I’m getting the message. Thank you heavenly father for caring enough. So, if our holy father cares enough about what you drink to allow your coffee cup to suddenly slip out of your grip or to somehow allow your coffee pot to break, then he certainly cares about the things that cause big alligator tears, right? You speak and speak and speak to God as if he isn’t listening, but he is. This is when we stop and ask him why he’s not answering, because it isn’t because he cares, but instead it is because he does care and he wants you to ask him and seek his face about it… do ask why, that is an acceptable prayer request.

Drunk In The Spirit

Holy Ghost Party-

I used to have a t-shirt that read “there aint no party like a holy ghost party because a holy ghost party dont stop”. I wore it proudly. It is true.

It wasn’t that long ago when I was drinking alcohol to get drunk. I’d act like a fool.. anyone else been there? The fruit of this was a nasty hang over and lower self-esteem maybe a few regrets.

When you are drunk, you tend to not have so many inhibitions and you don’t mind what you say. You think someone sucks, you say it. You want to have a sexaul relationship with someone without discretion, you do it‚Ķ it is more like you just loosen up and feel free and tipsy‚Ķ

Getting drunk with the holy ghost is different in that you are so full of the spirit and words of God that you cannot contain them so you spew them out, you preach, you prophesy, you heal people, you inspire people… annoy some sure but when you are drunk in the spirit you dont have so many inhibitions and you speak the truth.. yet it is not you who speaks but the holy spirit who dwells in you (Galations 2:20).

The drunk that comea from alcohol has little.lasting benefit. But the spiritual drunkenness leads to long-lasting happiness…


We are told that if we ask for something in accordance with God’s will, then it will be given to us. “You have not because you ask not”..

We are also told to not doubt, because if we doubt then we shouldn’t expect to receive what we prayed for.

In the face of john 10:10 we see that it was Jesus plan to give us life, and to have it in abundance, so why are we not living in the fullness of his plan?

The reason is also found in John 10:10

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”

This is because Satan is stealing it from us, which brings me back to the command we have recieved to not doubt, let me explain..

When we are told to not doubt, this is a matter of what we know and believe, it is not a matter of feelings.

What we know is that Jesus came to give us life. We know that he came to give us peace and reconciliation to God. He came to set the captives free. This is what we know.

What happens is that Satan will come and whisper lies in your ears. He will say “it is impossible”, “God doesnt want you to be free rather suffering is his lot for you” and “you cannot overcome “. Now being carnal humans we hear these thoughts and identify them as our own. We have automatic feelings that result from such thoughts then we think of that verse in James that warns us if we doubt we don’t receive. Also, Satan will tell you about every failure known to man.. to prove that your faith will fail. He will also tell you that only the rare and greatest preachers are able to perform miracles, but not you.

Allow me to point out the truth to you…

Lies, lies, lies, lies…

God says you have not because you ask not.. and we don’t ask because we doubt.

But we are not told that it is doubt when you have counterfeit thoughts cross your mind… this is like saying your guilty because your sister said it…

No, think about it.. do you believe God can perform miracles? Yes? Ok then you believe.. that is not doubt if you believe but rather we rebuke the lier, call him what he is and say out loud the truth that we know and truly believe “all things are possible to those who believe “.. take control of your thought life and speak life. Amen.

James 1:6
But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed

All That Your Hands Made

Isaiah 12:5

5 Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things;
    let this be known to all the world

What better thing to be doing than to glorify the name of God. He has done great things for me so I am happy and seeking to magnify his name. If nothing else I wish for people to understand that you care about them. Please show them father how much you know about every little thing that concerns them and that you have a plan.

When we suffer it is for the purpose that you will turn to him and seek him first and seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and then you will not be dissapointed.

Isaiah 12:3

With joy you will draw water
    from the wells of salvation.

Isaiah 11:5

Righteousness will be his belt
    and faithfulness the sash around his waist.

Jesus is faithful. This is his motivation, that and righteousness…

Because of his conviction or righteounesss he had the confidence to step forward without his pants falling to his ankles exposing his vulnerability….. righteousness was his belt… truth. Faithfulness is the characteristic of his that we can rejoice about because it means that he keeps his promises to you.. that and he has great meekness so it is his meekness that grants him the ability to lead God’s children on his paths.

Lord lead us on the path of righteousness..

Only now you know that God has given you the faith you will need to overcome and so not be afraid because God is with you and he does not let his sheep wander far. Amen.


Overcoming Truth – God is Glorious!!

Praising God is the most powerful weapon we have in this spiritual war that we are in. I bet some of you who are in bondage to lies, anger, depression, drugs.. anything not holy would feel a repulsion to just reading this right now? Do you notice that? Maybe a distraction or a doubtful thought or even a feeling or anger?

Why? Because SATAN simply will not linger where there is praise.. he won’t, he hates it and if you are able to press in to praising God’s name, a few things happen as brother Richard’s message i posted mentions and that is that God’s glory comes upon us! His word says that he inhabits the praises of his people.. our praises are like fragrant incense to him he loves LOVES the praises of his creation‚Ķ and what are these praises I’m speaking of‚Ķ well let demonstrate:

God you are amazing! Every thing you have done is so brilliant! You are so beautiful, your love is so perfect and tender..your mercies father God I am so grateful for your forgiveness, even though I did “this thing _” you have forgiven me. You are so gentle, you are so powerful‚Ķ..

Basically you dote on him and in your heart you recognize his lordship, that HE is supreme.. not you.. that without his mercy we’d be in trouble.. with thanks giving‚Ķ

When we do this his glory comes down and satan leaves, depression lifts, doubt leaves, agitation leaves.. hopelesssness is lost.. sorrow and loneliness and fear they jump ship…

And we are filled with joy and our faith sores and our burdens and cares leave and then we are in the very presence of the one who can, and WILL do anything we ask in his name..

And we are then able to lay our burdens at his feet
. We then surrender..

Because his word.. his Overcoming truth is that- the JOY of the lord is our strength..

Nehemiah 8:10 New International Version (NIV)

10 Nehemiah said, ‚ÄúGo and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.‚ÄĚ

We fight this battle on our kneesūüé∂

The Thief

The thief has come to steal (your peace, your joy, your strength), kill (the one behind pointless deaths) and destroy  (your life, your family, your hopes and dreams….). 

Jesus came to give us life (give back to us what was stolen i.e. healing the sick,  comforting the broken hearted, being a friend to those who are lonely), and have it more abundantly… (peace, happiness, joy, pleasure in goodness)

John 10:10

Remember that the next time you feel sad or forsaken ‚ėļ

He Gives Us Peace

You know my inner most thoughts God…

Do you know a person who likes to stand back and observe others to see what they are made of, what they are about, how they think, and why they do what they do? This is getting into the gift of discernment which is beside the point…

The point is that this is what God does with us. He is quiet, but he is not unavailable, rather he is watching us. He is observing our thoughts, our actions, our emotions, and our motives… these are the things that he judges when he looks at us. Nothing in our heart is hidden from his sight. Nothing… yet he loves us anyways, why? Because he sees the beautiful child he created, then he sees the pressure we endure, and the stressors life hands to us. How we handle those things really matters to him.

He has a plan. It might seem like he’s abandoned us, but the truth is that he has never forgotten us. He doesn’t forsake us. Men will break their promises and forsake us all day long, but not God. He is faithful.

How do I explain this to a man or woman who might be dead set on blaming God for the things that went wrong? Well I aim to address all that in an upcoming book that im writing, but for now I say this to you- God is for us, not against us and everything he does is for our best.. we may not understand it now but someday we’ll get it..

Does that mean that we are to just accept that “all things happen for a reason ” and Chuck it in the fudge bucket? That means that it is ok to be mad at God.. but just for a little while. He understands what you are going through and he cares about you, but at some point you’ll have to give him the reverence that he is Lord and sometimes it is true that he will expect us to worship him now as we wait for the answers to come later… this is for also for our best. You don’t even understand that right now.. but you are only clay.. he gets it. Just know that he can give you peace if you allow him. Amen.

God Is In Control

God made the heavens, the earth, and all that was created bares witness to his ways. He is glorious. He is what defines love and faithfulness. Only the purest of hearts can see him because it takes a good heart to understand him. God loves us so much that he allows everything that occurs in our life for his greater purposes. Sometimes we suffer “for the greater good” even “for the greater good for all” applies.

God is etching on the tablet of my heart, and he is saying that I can trust his voice always. Even if it doesn’t agree with my rationale mindset. If he tells me that he’s going to do something then he is going to do it, even if I cannot figure out how. When the Israelites were running from Pharo’s army and they came to the red sea.. God wasnt worried. Some of them were but he wasnt, he simply parted the red.sea. God knows what he is doing, and he’s always in control. The easiest and best way to handle new terrain is to simply “buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride” because God is in the driver’s seat. God is always in control.

Our Appetites

There is a discontentment that occurs when we live life according to the flesh. The human has a huge need to be satisfied, and when we look to the wrong things to satisfy us, we continue to hunger. Smoking is an example, along with fornication, gluttony, drinking alcohol, drugs, and drama… these are all unhealthy outlets to filling our appetite, because the aftertaste to partaking in these behaviors is kind of nasty… they don’t leave us feeling well or good about ourselves afterwards. Healthier outlets include: sports, teaching, preaching, reading a book, talking to a friend, writing, hobbies, exercise, and health practices like eating superfoods. These outlets are healthy for the soul and recommended, however, there is still a higher thing we seek…. There is a theorist named Abraham Maslow who developed a hierarchy of human needs pyramid that outlines a hierarchy of human’s needs, beginning from the most basic at the bottom of the pyramid to the highest needs we have forming the tip of the pyramid . The theory is that people are not able to be satisfied until they have these needs met and in the given order. The needs begin with the most basic needs such as our physical needs for food, home, and bodily needs. Next we need safety, and then we need love and belonging. The last two tiers of needs are the higher needs which are self-esteem and finally self- actualization. Self-actualization is the stage in which a person reaches their fullest inner potential, in which they have peace with themselves, and all their physical and love needs are met. They have accomplished feeling good about themselves and finally they fulfill their purpose, what makes them who they are, or they have discovered their destiny and are also fulfilling it. Self- Actualization is what I want to discuss. I don’t believe it is possible to self- actualize without a connection to the Lord. It is built within each person to have a connection with him, whether or not everyone agrees. I believe that in order to truly attain good self-esteem we have to feel like a good person. There is a difference between arrogance and true confidence. Arrogance is laced with hate for others and really some hate for self. Confidence is feeling good about ourselves and how we behave with others. It is really hard to treat others well if you don’t have some sympathy or empathy for them. Anyways, all good things come from above, so when we act in goodness a reward is high self-esteem (Galations 6:4). After we have attained confidence in ourselves, then nothing can keep us from our destiny. Each person has a destiny from God. Each person was created to be and think a certain way that is also tied to their personal desires and needs for fulfillment. For example, the man who is destined to play the piano will not find satisfaction as a manager in a science lab, and vise versa. But God in his great wisdom orchestrated our lives so that we have to have some connection with him in order to be truly satisfied and often times our destiny won’t be fulfilled without him. My destiny was to write and preach the gospel. I have been thinking about God since I was a small child, even before ever being taught about him. I’m sure my grandparents and parents can recall my questions about God. However, if I had not ever turned to him then I would be one unsatisfied individual. I desired to learn about him because he created me to have that curiosity. Others will also have a drive because of their own personal God given destiny. We attain our true destiny when we put him in the forefront of our lives, or at least when we include him. Only God can truly satisfy us… Jesus said that those who hunger and thirst after him will be satisfied, and if he has called you, you will always have a hunger for him… even if it’s just slight. Thank him for it, and go to him for the dinner he’s prepared for you. Lord, quench our thirst… but may we never go without that thirst because you are the best temptation a person can ever want.