Unable To Sleep

I am unable to sleep. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t have somewhere I had to be in the morning, but since I have an appointment the amount of stress over the loss of sleep increases greatly. Also, conflicts arise in a certain relationship status. You know there is always a reason to “stress”. When we do well it seems our adversary, the devil works that much harder to add stresses to our lives. “Oh, you are having peace? Well, let’s change this here is some strife, here is some adversity”. However, my heavenly father is one step ahead. He had already been speaking to me about this particular relationship. He told me that if this person doesn’t remain supportive of me they will soon regret not standing by my side. He told me this in my spirit for days now and now I’m seeing it manifest, and so far this friend is choosing the wrong side. My heavenly father will bless me soon, he has shown me. I have received prophesies of how he will do this, but prophesies are meant to stir our faith. I never trust in the prophesy itself aside from what God is already telling me, but I have expectant hope I can say this much. In the future, I don’t know exactly how soon but I do know that soon enough I will be on here blogging a testimony, just wait and see. So, back to my point.. I am unable to sleep yet feeling pulled here to blog, so here I am. What the Lord has been counseling me in my heart about is to not be swayed by circumstances. This is the devil’s playground. I even heard a message today about this, that there are facts, and then there is the truth. God’s truth always trumps the facts. We are told many times not to worry, because what can worry do for our lives? What does it change? All that worry does is steal our joy while changing absolutely nothing. I know that in the grand scheme of things God has a plan and he is in control. Sometimes a door closes and this in itself can lead to a lot of stressful nights and lack of sleep, however the door was meant to close so that God can open a better door. Maybe his plan is to open and close several mini doors and we might feel like we are running around in a confusing maze, however there is a point in the end, a certain door, certain lessons that we must partake in in order to open the main door. Sometimes this is just a test of our faith, how much do we trust him in the midst of adversity? What is the point of trust if there is no action behind it or need for it? Also, I still have not forgotten that all of life is a seeking of certain doors, however is never about the doors because we already have everything we need which is a relationship with God himself. However, he places doors, challenges and desires to seek doors and to rise up to challenges for his purposes, and sometimes I think it just keeps things interesting. 🙂

Author: sweetgentlespirit

Through life's challenges I have learned that Jesus really is the only one who can truly satisfy. Through his grace I have already achieved so much, and wish to include you all in my journey as I continue to press on towards the mark to which I was called. I hope that you can identify and share in my successes and even my failures. It is also my hope that you will see what a day in the life of a spirit filled believer looks like up close and personal. May you be blessed as I am blessed, and may you share in my anointed grace. God bless you as you read.

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